Increasing Body Awareness

Two Kinds of Feelings
1. Emotional feelings – Emotions move and can bring our energy down or up, they can also often be overwhelming.

2. Bodily sensations – Body sensations are both external, like when we touch something – and internal, like when we feel pain in our head or our stomach rumbles or gurgles. Only some bodily sensations relate to movement, however.

The most subtle body sensations, the hardest to feel, are just the existence of our physical body in space and in relation to gravity. This is hard to keep track of because we usually don’t think there is a reason to do so. It’s also hard because it’s feeling our body from the inside without touch or movement. It takes more focus and concentration just to feel ourselves physically “there” in this way. The reason why it is important to practice and learn how to do this is because we have to use some part of our feelings (bodily sensations) to help us manage other feelings (emotions). Our emotions, especially if we are upset, can lead us into a state where we feel very unsettled and overwhelmed. The best way to balance that feeling out is by feeling the solidness in our bodies, feeling our connection to gravity where we are standing or sitting. Feel “our feet back under us again” after “the rug has been pulled out from under us” or we have “hit the roof”.

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