How is Body Based Psychotherapy different than talk Psychotherapy?

Of course body based psychotherapy incorporates the verbal, cognitive and relational aspects of talk therapy, however….it also has a more experiential element that brings your observation of yourself more into “3D”.

Body Reading
The first component that makes this different is something we call body reading. Body Reading is another form of understanding you – and how you live in the world. The way you hold yourself, the way you breathe, make eye contact, stand, and move, the way your voice resonates when you speak…. all of these things convey some important truth about you. The way your energy for life, your energy for awareness, and your energy for expression moves through your body is a very important part of understanding the deeper human expression we all have. Most of the time we do not pay much attention to these personal aspects of embodiment, even though we notice them. They are largely unconscious. Part of the process in body based psychotherapy is to make them more conscious. And to see what part of your story those aspects of embodiment have been holding that have not been fully understood or verbalized. Understanding and bringing more conscious awareness and expression to these aspects of your body structure or embodiment, can improve how you function, focus, and make contact in the world.

Energy Charge and Discharge
Working directly with how your embodied energy flows in some ways or is stuck in others is a healing process. Wherever and however you feel anxious or overcharged, or ungrounded. Or where you feel suppressed or shut down or held back or held in…these aspects of being unbalanced in some way are both psychological and physiological. They have elements of both emotion and biology to them. They shadow deep experience of how we have had to adapt our energy and expression to relate to others in order to survive. Often the capacity to connect to ourselves productively in the midst of our anxious states, or in states of disconnection or depression requires that we use our physical energy differently. This allows us to feel a new sense of ourselves, a different and perhaps unfamiliar sense. This is how we begin to know and feel the difference between who we are and what happened to us.