What does a session look like?

In many ways, a session is similar to any other therapy session. Describing your experiences and reaching mutual understanding is an important base in all therapy. However, there are times that some deeper truth is running below the surface, and it’s expression is blocked or obscured in some way. This is the entry into working on a body level….

By paying attention to subtle cues, physiological changes, and also the process of how you’re relating and making contact, in addition to the content of your words – more of your expression can be taken in, and mirrored back to you. Many years of training & experience in body reading helps me open doors to deeper understanding & communication. I want to help you know & feel your deeper truth, your deeper self. This is only the beginning, however. Sometimes, it will be hard for you to consciously feel or know some of your experience and expression because it is impeded behind tissue defenses. Then we can draw on a rich palette of active bodywork techniques that will help you re-connect. Opening your breathing, expressive exercise and grounding to name a few. The more present in your embodiment you are the more you can grow.