What is Body Based Phychotherapy?

Maybe you have trouble “standing on your own ground” or “having backbone”. These difficulties involve your sensory relationship to your bodily sense of strength and support – they involve feeling strong, aggressive and alive in your legs and spine. Perhaps you have a hard time “letting go” of things that worry you, or “settling down”. This has to do with a pulling up into your (head) thinking, in order to handle problems that face you, and then being unable to calm the tension in your body. Maybe it is hard for you to express what you are feeling and you “hold back” or “hold it in”. This has to do with inhibition of your ability to focus your bodily sensation and emotion towards defining what you do or don’t want. You may struggle with having consistent energy to do what you want or need to in life. This involves a disturbance in the function of the natural energy “charge” in your body that creates motivation and supports pleasure or satisfaction.

Much meaningful change can come from exploring how your life story is written into the tissues of your body. Everyone has had their own unique combination of life experiences. It is important for each of us to understand where we can grow, and what makes that difficult for us as an individual. Chronic tensions or weaknesses represent attitudes and emotions that are held by the body and unexpressed by the conscious self. Exploring and expressing these can build support in your body and personality to be more freely and profoundly who you want to be. You will be investing yourself in your own growth with every fiber of your being.

Your life story is written in the tissues of your body. Understanding how you live in and carry yourself in your body as a result of that story allows you to know and respect yourself more deeply. It also determines how you make contact in the world. Body Based Psychotherapy supports and guides you on a deep level of bodily awareness and cognitive understanding, using a developmental and relational framework to integrate the meaning of your experience. Body Based Psychotherapy also helps you reflectively explore your connection with yourself and others in a more meaningful and powerful way. This therapy is here to help you grow into your life, self and relationships with a fuller clarity and purpose.